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Greetings from a bumpy bus seat


I’m writing this blog from a bus seat at 7 AM on a Saturday morning on the way to New York City. I have an iced coffee in one hand (because there are no cup holders), and another hand on the keyboard. The wireless network just so happens to not be working (surprise, surprise), so I’ll have to remember to actually post this later. I could complain about how early it is, or the fact that there isn’t even an arm rest between me and the stranger next to me, but I’m so excited about where I’m going that I hardly notice.

I’m having a reunion of sorts with a few people I met at the Poynter College Fellowship back in May. I was 1 of 40 college journalists selected to spend 2 weeks at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, and boy do those 2 weeks change my perspective on the craft of reporting. It was more like an intensive journalism boot camp, where we spent 12 hours a day learning on how to tell stories across multiple platforms with two of my idols, Al Tompkins and Sara Quinn.

It was a lot of late nights in the lab, building websites, editing on Final Cut, and bouncing ideas off of colleagues. I specifically remember watching the sun rise over my desktop, putting in those last dissolves and filters. Needless to say, I got really close with all of the other fellows there, and I’m going to visit a few of them in New York City. Just to give you a taste of how ambitious these people are, one is interning at, another at Bloomberg and another at USA Today.

In stuch a competitive industry, you would think there would be jealousy and animosity in such a large group of amazingly talented people. However, our relationships made at Poynter were quite the opposite. We talk about our experiences in the field and out, and in turn, learn a lot about how the journalism world works. If I can surround myself with people like that, I think I’m set for life. Bring it on, NYC.