One of my favorite things to do at my internship at WBZ-TV is to sit in the morning meeting and listen to the news of the day. Stories are pitched, ideas are shot down, and I feel like I get one giant dose of what’s going on from the people who decide what’s newsworthy on a daily basis.


I’m writing this blog from a bus seat at 7 AM on a Saturday morning on the way to New York City. I have an iced coffee in one hand (because there are no cup holders), and another hand on the keyboard.

The first thing that used to come to mind when I thought of the word “reporter” was a pen- the image of a frantic journalist jotting down notes at the scene of a story. Those days are long gone. With today’s multimedia equipment, a reporter hardly has a free hand to use a pen, let […]

Even though I’m still a senior in college, I find myself browsing job postings every so often just to see what’s out there. They’re usually littered with terms like “MMJ” and “digital journalist,” but never before have I seen anything like this: Executive Producer and Imaginator (Full-Time Position) A radically different approach to local TV […]

Too cool for J-School


When I tell people I’m entering my senior year of college as a journalism major, they usually look at me funny. Whether it’s an “I feel sorry for you” or a “good for you” look, I can never truly tell. However, there are two worlds of thought on the future of journalism, and I seem […]